Saturn Machine - suspension of disbelief

eine paranoideTheaterperformance SATURN MACHINE / die Aussetzung der Ungläubigkeit befasst sich mit dem Thema Paranoia und Verschwörungstheorien im zusamenhang mit der Wahrnehmung.

"thank you for the compliments" presents:


SATURN MACHINE - suspension of disbelief


by Samuel Müller & Mor Dovrat


It's a glimpse at two people who are isolated in their own paranoia, and can´t tell the difference between reality and fiction. Their

imagination becomes a threat. They begin to mistrust each other, themselves and even to doubt their own existence as performers in front of the public. Is everything a mere simulation? Is the

Saturn Machine responsible? Or maybe it´s the theater´s fault because of its cubic shape?


Inspired by the most absurd conspiracy theories we could find online, we ask ourselves - What is reality? Maybe it's just a story we believe in so hard until we forget that's it's only a story?

In a time of fake news, alternative facts, post-truth, disinformation and constant surveillance, how is it even possible not to be paranoid?


concept and acting- Samuel Müller, Mor Dovrat

diredtor- Luigi Guerrieri

costumes- Anne-Sophie Raemy

music- Balázs Várnai, Mor Dovrat


Duration: ca. 1 hour


28.7 / 19:30 / Premiere

29/7 / 20:30 / Seconda


Language: German, English


Supported by: Swissloss Kanton Bern, Stadt Biel, Migros Kulturprozent


Alte Krone, Biel - Bienne

Obergasse 1
2503 Biel - Bienne